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Elevate your FTPLI match day experience with our comprehensive Game Day Protocol. From court rotations to score reporting, stay informed and ensure smooth and enjoyable pickleball matches. Make every match day a winning experience.

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Welcome everyone. Explain where restrooms are and any other particulars of your location. (Hand sanitizer, where to sit, etc.)


  1. Home team will stay on the same courts; visitors will rotate after each round.
  2. After each game, not each round, please report your score to the scorekeeper(s).
  3. The visiting team has the choice of service (to serve or receive the serve) or they can choose the side to begin the first game of the match. EX: If the visitors select to serve, then the home team picks the side to begin on. Or if the visitors choose to receive the serve, then the home team will select the side and will start the 1st game of the match serving. 
  4. Games are to 11 and win by 2.
  5. Teams will change sides after each game. Whichever team did not serve first for the first game, will begin serving first for the second game of the match.
  6. First server wrist bands are recommended for each starting player. If you have them, please wear them.
  7. Each team gets one official time out per game.
  8. Players should bring their water bottles on to the court area for play. Players may take as many quick drinks as needed; especially when hot. Please do this after a point is completed, etc., and be quick so it does not disrupt the flow of the game. 
  9. After the 2nd game of the round, come off the court. You’ll now have to wait until the other teams are also finished with the round before you can start play in the next round. Teams may take up to 5 minutes after all players have completed the round, before starting the next round of play.
  10. When the next round is ready to commence, the home team players return to the same courts. The Home Captain announces which courts the visitors need to report to. Then repeat the visitors choosing side or service choice, etc.
  11. Remember to report the score after each game, not just after a round.
  12. Continue until all 3 rounds are completed.
  13. Captains, please check over the score sheets and initial or sign sheets. If only one team has a scorekeeper for the match, then it’s recommended the team that doesn’t have a score keeper take a picture with your phone of the score sheet.
  14. Home team has 48 hours to report the score online.
  15. If you have difficulty reporting the score online contact your League Coordinator with your match information and final score. The League Coordinator can correct scores if you have submitted them incorrectly.

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