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Ratings Appeals

Ratings Appeals

Seek balanced play at Florida Team Pickleball Leagues (FTPLI). Request a skill level assessment review to ensure the perfect match for your pickleball journey.

This form requests a change in the player rating for the next FTPLI season.  The captain submits the form for review.  Player information must be collected by the captain prior to completing the form.  Do not submit the form with incomplete information.  The Regional Director of the League and League Coordinator reviews requests and approves the request and forwards it to the ratings committee or rejects the request and returns the request to the captain with reasoning.  Successful Ratings Appeals are valid for one season.


Captains Name:  __________________________________
Current Date:  ____________________________________
Captains Phone:  __________________________________
Captains Email: ___________________________________
Region:  _________________________________________
Player’s Name:  ___________________________________
Player’s FTPLI Age:  _________________________________
(if player turns the next age before the end of the year)
Player’s Current Rating:  _____________________________
Rating Source:  _____________________________________
Date of Rating:  ____________________________________
Tournaments played in 2022-2023:  ________________________________________________
FTPLI Teams Played:  ______________________________________________________________
Rating Appealing to Change to:  ________________________


Supporting Information

Please provide supporting information why you believe the player’s current rating is not reflective of their skill level.  Ex.  The player has knee replacement surgery.  Ex.  Player needs shoulder surgery.  Ex.  The players’ tournament rating is stale and not reflective of their play and is now playing at a higher level.

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