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Embark on your FTPLI journey with confidence using our detailed Player Registration Guide. Follow step-by-step instructions, payment information, and confirmation process for a smooth and successful entry into the world of pickleball.

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Player Registration Guide

Start at the FPL home page 

  1. Go to ftpli.org
  2. Click Regions and select the region you will be playing in.  If you are playing on an advanced team, you will select Brevard County to register.  Please verify with your Captain. 
  3. Click FORMS and then select Player Registration.  
  4. Click below the sign in box on  IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE SYSTEM, CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE FORM.
  5. Fill out all fields on the form, select the team you are on.
    1. If you are a Captain or Co-Captain, click “yes” on the pulldown, so you will have captain privileges for communication and scoring. Otherwise just leave it as is.
    2. Enter your birthday so we can validate the age bracket criteria. Format is year/month/day.
    3. Enter your skill level and the source used for the rating (DUPR, WPR, UTPR, PickleballBrackets.com, captains rating, etc.).
  6. Read and check the waiver, and REGISTER.  It will then take you to PayPal to pay.


Registration Fees 

The registration fee is $30 for each team you play on. There will also be nominal court fees. Court fees vary slightly by venue and will be collected by your Captain.



You will pay your registration fees using the PayPal site, which does not require you to be a member of PayPal. If you already have a credit card on file with PayPal, select it and click Complete Purchase. Otherwise, enter your credit card information and then Complete Purchase. You will see a PayPal confirmation on your screen with a credit card number and receipt number. You will also get an email from service@paypal.com confirming your payment.


Note: there are some PayPal phishing scams so be careful opening any future emails that claim to be from PayPal. Google search “PayPal phishing” for more information.


Pickleballscores Confirmation

You will get a very short email from Pickleballscores with your region in the subject. The email will show your registration number and the team you registered for.


NOTE, if you are playing on more than one team, you will need to do this entire process for each team and select the correct region for each.

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