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Immerse yourself in the dynamic pickleball culture across Florida's expanding regions. Join FPLI's vibrant community and unlock exciting opportunities to experience this beloved sport like never before.

Fall 2023 Schedule

Registration Opens

Registration Closes

Aug 23rd

Oct 1st

Play Begins

Play Ends

Oct 16th

Dec 10th

Mark Up Matches

Regional Tourney held at Pictona

Dec 11th-23rd

Jan 6th & 7th

FTPLI 2024 Schedule

Fall Season

Get ready for our next season of play!  We will kick off with our FUN FALL SEASON.  This will be 9 weeks.

August 26

Oct. 7 - Dec. 9

Dec. 14-15

Registration Opens
Season Play
Reg'l. Awards Play & Party*


Winter Season

Get your teams ready for the BIG SHOW for our Winter Season which will be 10 weeks of play with a week to make up matches.

November 25

Jan. 5 - Mar. 15

March 29-30

April 12-13

Registration Opens
Season Play**
Regional Playoffs
State Playoffs

**plus one week to make up matches

FTPLI Active Regions

Central Florida

Northeast Florida


North Central Florida

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